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With HP TAXI, you will be rewarded for providing the latest provisional vehicle on the road operating as a Taxi Owner. Drivers will be booked out no doubt! Consumers have the opportunity to book a  vehicle at HP TAXI regulated NSW Taxi fare prices. So Drive For Us.

Join HP TAXI silver taxi service team of professional elite Drivers and if you are career orientated, this is the next level in the taxi industry. Fill out the form below and HP TAXI will invite you to see If we together are a perfect fit. Provisional requirements apply to the type of vehicle to join the HP TAXI fleet.

How it works

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1: Fill out the form

To get started just fill out the form below. Upload photos of vehicle. We have a strict application process to maintain the HP TAXI business model. We only want the best vehicles and operators. Fill out the form below to join our family.


2: Get installed

Once you have been accepted. We will invite you to one of our install centres. We will custom fit your HP TAXI driver tablet. This is a process that your car will be off the road for no more than an hour. If you have questions on how we attach feel free to contact us for more information.

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3: Start getting rides

Once your installed, we will give you all you log in details. Switch it on and see the jobs roll in. We have a priority system that makes it fair for passengers and drivers alike. Feel free to contact us about how you can get premium rides for your HP TAXI.

Become a taxi driver that other envy


Be recognised as A sort After driver

HP TAXI is building a NEW brand to be seen as a market leader within the taxi industry. HP TAXI ​ employ high standards with vehicle selection and encourage Operator Drivers to join our fleet.

The travelling public will be aware that you are the best of the best. Fill out the application form below and give your career a boost.

Build a following of high-value clientele

With our HP TAXI service, you will be part of an group of Drivers that will transport very important passengers. Drivers will in the future (coming soon end of 2019) be able to pre-book your most important preferred clientele. Drivers will be more than a cabbie but a corporate partner in the logistical transport requirements of top businesses throughout Sydney.


Drivers still drive for a cab company, in their day to day job. Drivers will be given an installed IPAD and be able to select work from multiple locations. This is the benefit of being an elite driver with HP TAXI ….. it’s your choice.

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Reserve your seat with HP TAXI

Please fill out your interest and we will call you within 24 Hours of application
Customers reviews

What other cabbies say about us?

Driving for HP TAXI has increased my bookings. It has justified my investment in my brand new Mercedes. People are loving HP TAXI.
Ramesh Nair
We use HP Taxi to move our painters to the different sites we are commissioned to paint. We deal with an elite clientle and bringing a painters to finish the job in a prestige cab is synonimous to our branding and public expectation. We use HP TAXI a few times a week . Im a fan.
Annie Siem