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Imagine a North Shore Taxi Services in Sydney that you, your friends and family can experience with HP TAXI. We are a cost-efficient way to get you where you need to go. What are you waiting for? Book a HP TAXI now!

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How it works

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1: Download the app

The HP TAXI mobile app is available to download from all the apps stores. (Windows coming soon) register your details and once set-up the HP TAXI service is ready to GO.

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2: Booking your HP TAXI

Open the HP TAXI mobile app, go to register and you are 2 easy clicks away to book your HP TAXI. You will be able to track the driver to your door and communicate with the driver. The app will be live until your journey finishes. It is as easy as that.

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3: Pay the driver

HP TAXI accept all types of payments:
- Cash payments directly to the Taxi Driver.
-Credit Cards - All major credit and debit cards are easily processed by the driver.
-Cabcharge Cards and Blue Dockets are also accepted by Drivers
(Coming very soon online credit card payments will also be accepted.)

North Shore Taxi Services Sydney



Look apart and travel in your brand of the car. Ride with North Shore Taxi Services at half price of regulated taxi rates.


North Shore Taxi Services only use authorised registered NSW Taxi drivers. Our Drivers have been processed through the National Police Security Check, compliance to the NSW Government Point to Point Commission criteria guideline. Don’t pay or risk your ride with inexperience or anything less.


All North Shore Taxi Services drivers have completed specific Driver Training ensuring Drivers go through rigorous training to learn all major Sydney landmarks, roads, suburbs hotels and hospitals. This is a requirement before North Shore Taxi Services allow Drivers to get behind the wheel of a cab. Also, Drivers are tested to find the quickest, cheapest and traffic free route for our passengers. Should you trust anything less? DOWNLOAD HP TAXI APP USING THE LINK BELOW!

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North Shore Taxi Services that is Safe for your peace of mind


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In car video surveillance

North Shore Taxi Services value passenger safety and our Drivers. Our cabs have video and GPS tracking on all the time to give our passengers a service with safety that is paramount to our customers. HP TAXI are compliant to the Smart Safe NSW Taxi Driver and Operator program read more below:


All North Shore Taxi Services Drivers have professionally accredited NSW taxi drivers. They go through rigorous security screenings by the NSW police. The safety of North Shore Taxi Services passengers is paramount so be rest assured and enjoy a superior cab at the best prices in Sydney

Mandatory display of driver ID

The non-regulated Rideshare services can from time to time have fake drivers behind the wheel and not the authorised Rideshare Driver Account Holder. This leaves the passenger vulnerable to a non-police HP TAXI checked authorised Driver. HP TAXI Drivers are required by NSW law to display the Driver Photo I.D. as an NSW Registered Driver.


Taxi Cab Sydney frequent questions and answers

HP TAXI only use qualified, NSWTODA trained, government verified Driver Operators. Most of our Full-Time Drivers own their own vehicles so taking care of business and looking after our passengers is their priority. This is their business, passion and career, not just some quick money on the side while the kids are at school.

We are growing every day and currently, we don’t provide specific vehicle requests. Coming soon you will be able to nominate your favourite operator and vehicle. Launch in late 2019.

Our service is designed to give the public and corporate markets a normal business cab service made up of government verified drivers. HP TAXI are Accredited Members of the NSW Government Point To Point Commissioner and operate based on Industries Best Practices.

Currently, HP TAXI allow payment direct to the taxi driver. HP TAXI also accepts all major credit/debit cards and Cab charge and other travel dockets. Coming very soon passengers will be able to pay online.

HP TAXI value our passenger’s safety for all who travel in a HP TAXI. Be assured that any onboard video is only accessible by NSW Police on the application. This procedure is in conjunction with the Australian Privacy Laws and the NSW Government.

All HP TAXI drivers are held responsible for their actions have a Duty of Care to provide a professional taxi journey. In the unlikely event that a HP TAXI driver acts inappropriately, and NOT in accordance with HP TAXI Industry Best Practices, the passenger can activate our SOS passenger support feature on the HP TAXI app, and immediately report the incident. HP TAXI will respond promptly to resolve any safety issues, or in
appropriate behaviour, which HP TAXI consider NOT to be in accordance with our Code of Conduct.

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Customers reviews

What people say?

Situated in the CBD, Surry Hills. Getting in and out of the CBD can be difficult. We use the service to take our consultants to visit our clients daily. Rocking up with an S class Mercedes is in alignment to our branding and customer expectation...all on normal cab fares.
Aristotle Dimou
Ceo & Founder nme digital
We use HP TAXI to move our painters to the different sites we are commissioned to paint. We deal with an elite clientle and bringing a painters to finish the job in a prestige cab is synonimous to our branding and public expectation. We use HP TAXI a few times a week . Im a fan.
Annie Siem
Head Of Sales , Platinum house painters