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Sydney maxi taxi rates were fixed and taxis are available in all over Sydney. with around 6,000 taxis throughout Sydney and NSW, taxi industry employs more than 22,700 taxi drivers, making it the largest number of taxis and drivers in Australia.

Individual taxis are owned by small operators who pay membership fees to regional networks. These networks offer brand services for operators and drivers, as well as telephone and internet bookings.
Fees are set by an independent pricing and regulation tribunal in New South Wales.
The New South Wales Taxi Industry Association represents vehicle operators, and in New South Wales, the New South Wales Taxi Operators Association represents drivers. Drivers are represented by the Association of Taxi Drivers in New South Wales.
Other aspects of the industry are regulated by transport, road and sea services in New South Wales. Taxis in Australia are highly regulated by every state and territory of Australia, each state and territory has its own history and structure.
As of December 2014, there were 21,344 taxis in Australia. Taxis in Australia must obtain a license, usually required when installing a taxi. Taxi fares are set by state or territorial governments. A vehicle without a meter is usually not considered a taxi, for example, it can be described as a taxi, limousine, car, etc.

sydney maxi taxi rates
Number of taxi licences

Sept 2015

June 2016

4,660 including 443 wheelchair accessible taxis
505 including 85 wheelchair accessible taxis
336 including 72 wheelchair accessible taxis
162 including 35 wheelchair accessible taxis
sydney maxi taxi rates

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Maxi Taxi up to 11 Passengers

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Maxi Taxi up to 11 Passengers including Darling Harbour, Pyrmont, and kings Cross.